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Adam McKay: Shoot stuff. Put it up online. Don’t wait for your opportunity. Don’t wait for your connection. Grab cameras, there’s tons of them now, they’re cheap. The internet is an amazing thing. If you’re in some weird town in North Dakota, start a film festival. Just shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. Don’t wait for it to come to you.

Tom McCarthy: Find some good people to collaborate with. Find your little posse. Find some people that think like you do or don’t think like you do and engage with them and surround yourself with those people. I think young artists need that.

Alejandro González Iñárritu: Liberate from fear of failure. Learn to be humble, to be learning while you’re doing things because that’s the only way you will realise that you’re moving or what’s going wrong. Conceptualize things. And not doing by fear to fail, that’s the worst trap. So doing it. Liberate yourself from fear. 

George Miller: Definitely shoot, regardless, and really try to do something that you really want to say. Find things that you really want to say. 

Ridley Scott: If I’d realised what I know now, I’d been a hedge fund trader. ‘Cause this is fucking hard work. It’s tough. Best line ever in advertising which is also a lesson in life is: Just do it.

The 2016 DGA Feature Film Nominees on their advice for young directors.
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