Development of an Idea / by Jared Jones


idea: time loop murder mystery/thriller

concept: A woman experiences the same hour repeatedly in which she witnesses her best friend’s death.

logline: A shy woman must solve her best friend’s murder in order to escape the time-loop she’s stuck in, but the killer only seems to get more and more cryptic.


GRETCHEN, a shy woman, witnesses her friend WENDELL’S murder while waiting for her to come outside, but then she gets trapped in a time loop of the last hour of Wendell’s life. After many failed attempts to save Wendell, Gretchen decides to unmask the murderer and get justice.

She discovers [insert important plot details]…

…Finally after gathering all the information and finding the knife, Gretchen unmasks the killer, but the truth is even more terrible than she could have ever imagined.

Try developing your own stories from a simple idea. You’ll be surprised what you come up with. Everyone develops stories differently, but I’ve found that if you start small and build your way up, it becomes a lot easier to go back and fix any problems in the story later on. It’s also really good to get in the habit of writing loglines and synopses early on.

How do you develop your ideas into full stories?