/ by Jared Jones

Enjoy the process.
But get out of the way.
Money costs money.
Push for the pragmatic.
It’s always your fault.
Money has a personality.
Read Variety stories backwards.
The budget is not the aesthetic.
Never put in your own money.
OK, sometimes it has to be your money.
(Money is overrated.)
Did they pass the director’s quiz?
Identify talent and stick to it like glue.
Every little picture needs a big picture.
In the big picture, we need little pictures.
Fight the obvious: if it’s on the nose it goes.
Keep this triangle: talent, producer, money.
Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.
Less money = more control; more money = less control.
The deal is not the thing. It’s just a big part of the thing.
Find the intersection of an investor’s courage and cash.
Do what you love. DO IT CONSISTENTLY. Everything else will follow.
Every story behind a movie that gets made is a success story.
This is the best job in the world.
— Christine Vachon, from A Killer Life. (via alicecc7)
Source: http://alicecc7.tumblr.com/post/9357424835...