/ by Jared Jones

For one night in 2005, House was the best show on television. And I’ll go even further than that. For about three years, House was an example of network TV at its sharpest. A forward-thinking hybrid of the medical procedural and the “antihero” drama, the show delivered fiendishly difficult case-of-the-week mysteries, solved by a prickly, pill-popping diagnostician named Gregory House—a character modeled directly on Sherlock Holmes. (Get it? House? Holmes?) And then on May 17, 2005, toward the end of season one, Fox aired “Three Stories,” an episode written by creator David Shore and directed by Paris Barclay, which set such a high bar for what House could be that even though the show ran for seven more seasons—and was mostly excellent for two of those—it never again realized its full potential.

Noel Murray, “The procedural turned personal on a one-of-a-kind House episode”

AV Club’s Very Special Episode series finally takes a look at what is still one of my favorite hours in television ever.

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