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george lucas directed star wars (1977) after only making one studio film but ok kathy

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This is absurd??

There’s also been a great response to this in Forbes.



I saw this when it was first reported and was going to ignore it because it is so patently stupid and wrong, but what the hell, since someone @’d me I’ll throw my two cents in: THIS IS COMPLETELY STUPID AND WRONG.

Again this is really indicative of a culture in which women are held to higher standards than men that complete bullshit because no matter what standard you hold a woman to there are women that actually fit that criteria and are getting ignored anyway. 

If you only want to consider a woman who has done big budget scifi/action before: Patty Jenkins, Lexi Alexander (WHO HAS SPECIFICALLY EXPRESSED INTEREST IN THE STAR WARS FRANCHISE), Mimi Leder, Anna Foerster, Ava DuVernay (not even going to include the Wachowski sisters or Kathryn Bigelow because they are so obviously overqualified it’s ridiculous).

If you only want to consider women who have done mid-tier (between 20-60 million budget) movies: Julie Taymor, Karyn Kusama, Catherine Hardwicke

If you only want to consider women who have done low-budget scifi/action or TV so you can cultivate their talent: Michelle MacClaren, Jennifer Phang, Ana Lily Amirpour, Jennifer Kent, Mary Harron

This holiday season, instead of blindly throwing your dollars at Star Wars see one of the many great indies out there directed by women. Because you need to support the films they are making right now instead of hoping that one day a producer might wake up and toss one of them a bone. 

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