/ by Jared Jones

I think particularly when you’re younger, you think that real acting is pain. Like, you’re only really acting if you’re weeping, and there are popcorn-salted tears coming out of your eyes. Unless you’re really in pain, you don’t feel like you’re expressing yourself because that was the place you thought, well, that’s really acting.

I had to think about it for Anna Karenina—actually expressing true love, without just being soppy. Expressing something true in that way is much trickier than you expect. Forming those connections to people that you hope will let people see a version of love onscreen, saying ‘I love you’ with a single tear coming down your cheek won’t do it. There has to be a real connection, and sometimes it’s more difficult to get to than crying because somebody’s cut off your finger.

They’re just different ends of the scale, but when I discovered that, it was a big deal for me. I found that I really enjoy trying to get to those places because they’re very interesting places to spend time. You hope in your own life that love will play a bigger part than fear or hate or anything like that.

Domhnall Gleeson’s Very, Very Big Year (via pablolf)
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