Kickstarter body text rough #1 / by Jared Jones


Very Unpopular Web Show is a dark comedy web series which will consist of five, 10-12 minute episodes:

“Worry” – in which an anxious young man’s first experience with psychedelics takes an unexpected turn

“The Poor” – in which a poverty-stricken man’s night of being poor and not having money is interrupted by his grotesque, rich “friend”

“Ennui” – in which an out-of-work writer and a jobless actor resort to a friendly game of Russian Roulette in order to pass the time

“The Old Man” – in which a quiet afternoon suddenly approaches the brink of nuclear warfare

“The Mistaken” – in which a constipated monk is visited by a man plotting to kill his co-worker

the goal–

the goal of this Kickstarter is to fund episode 1 of Very Unpopular Web Show (thereby securing the Republic for 100 generations)

if all goes according to plan, and I meet my own ludicrous expectations (thanks, dad), the remaining episodes will be crowd-funded and produced in an expeditious and forthright manner hence

the team–

at this juncture, I am the team. (there is no I in team, but there are two Es and one A in Jared Jones.)

I will hire a crew and cast the actors the very instant the budget is secured.  it’s like, people only wanna work when they get paid, ya know? pure laziness.

and as I say in the video above, the entire process will be examined, dissected, and pumped fulla formaldehyde for future study. fun!

about me–

my ancestors are Welsh, which explains my last name, and my hatred of the English.  I’m also ¼ English, which explains why I hate myself.

I got myself a film production degree from Full Sail University, which is kinda like the student loan version of a surprise rectal exam.

I have a wealth of production knowledge outside film school, too. (no, really. I actually worked with James Gunn, writer/director of Guardians of the Galaxy, back when he was doing more serious work… on Spike TV’s “PG Porn”.  also, heaps of short films, music videos, interviews, a few feature films, some documentary work, etc. etc.)

but look, don’t listen to me. a filmmaker’s resume before he/she “makes it” is sort of like “Whose Line…”: everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.  the important thing is–look, nothing’s important, ok?  just watch the pitch video again, and imagine getting to see my bald head on TV, defending my unfortunate comments about the Pope.

risk and challenges –

my primary concern is bears. also, that for whatever reason the project is no good. or too good.