/ by Jared Jones





can you believe diego luna deadass went to film rogue one and said to the producers “well this is my accent im gonna speak with it” cause im not shitting yall i’ve never been prouder of being a latina in my entire life bless this man hes the real mvp

It literally brings joyful tears to my eyes hearing Diego Luna speak with his Mexican accent in the Rogue One trailer. Growing up my dad was always so embarrassed to speak the little English he knew because of his thick Mexican accent because he knew he’d be judge, I showed him the trailer and he knows how huge Star Wars is and when he heard Diego Luna in the trailer, he asked me if he was Mexican, and a hero, and I started to tear up and said Si Papa! He was happy, at 70 years old my father got to himself represented in Star Wars. I get to see myself represented in Star Wars. Representation matters, and I can’t wait to watch this movie with him.


im so glad.

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