/ by Jared Jones

One of the most jealously guarded secrets of TV is the reality
that those who get their pilots made and show picked up on any
given year are usually no more gifted, visionary, or prodigious,
than the ones who did not. There are as many television writers
who work regularly as there are professional NBA players at any
given time - by that metric, we are all breathing rarefied air -
but the process by which television shows are made and selected
is by no means some mystical divination by which the artistry of
very special snowflakes is empowered that it may elevate the art
form as a whole.

Television is - quite simply - a business: with winners, losers,
seasonal patterns, production schedules, budgets, and
deliverables… just like any other business.

What we do is nothing more - or less - than hard work… hard
work that is not exclusive to any one person, but helped along by
scores of competent, experienced professionals whose job security
is tied to the longevity of the endeavor… hard work that can be
done efficiently, thoughtfully, and in a way that doesn’t ask
anyone involved to sacrifice their personal life, dignity, and -
sometimes - personal safety.

Javier Grillo-Marxuach, “The 11 Laws of Showrunning” (via sarasarai)
Source: http://sarahbatistapereira.tumblr.com/post...