/ by Jared Jones



When you’re starting out I think the energy you have is a wonderful thing that is untouched. And then as you learn more and more, it becomes harder and harder to forget the rules, to push them aside. It’s something you have to keep striving on doing but I think it’s harder as you get more experienced. It’s not just that you see what could go wrong, you have more to lose, you have more at stake.

When you’re starting out, you have nothing to lose, you also have nothing to gain by being the same as everybody else. And as you are starting out as a filmmaker, you have to have a voice, you have to have something to say about the things you’re doing, and it has to be sincere, you can’t throw it out as a given, it’s gotta be something that you truly believe in and it has to be there… you can’t sort of jump  both feet into making a film that is an ordinary film because then no one has any reason to trust you to do it, even if you could do it.

Christopher Nolan

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