/ by Jared Jones

There’s this thing that happens in films where a powerful beat in the story is going to be committed to film. Alright, it’s like Thursday and this is the day that you are going to say goodbye to Wilson.

I never thought about it. I just knew, “Oh, tomorrow, we’re gonna shoot the scene where I say goodbye to Wilson, where he floats away.” Never thought about it. Didn’t fret, slept fine, got up, the moment came, went down, went to the place that it was required, and out it came.

That is a different professional artistic experience than, say, another part of that movie where I have to wake up on a beach and wonder what’s going on. That stuff drove me nuts. Because you don’t have an immediate emotional river to jump into; like the scene where you say goodbye to Wilson. That’s just cold water. You jump in the river, it takes you down stream and you’re done.

Tom Hanks (via pablolf)
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