/ by Jared Jones

You’re eating the biggest horse in the world. And eat a horse piece by piece. And somedays, it’s a nasty piece of horse. Some days, all you can swallow is a mouthful. Some days, you have to convince yourself that you’re not eating a massive dead horse, or that it actually tastes amazing. And some days, it is actually quite tasty. But you keep eating that horse because it’s yours, it belongs to you, because you’re the only one who can see it, because otherwise it would haunt you as the horse that’s in your living room, the one you should have eaten, but instead you became a lawyer, a lawyer with a big, stinky horse in his or her house. So. Tomorrow, a small bite of the horse.
— Brian Oglesby, on writing a Novel (and this totally counts for screenplays, too)

oh shit what a fucking great quote

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